What is this site for?

This site is a media support, storage and demonstration site? for Learningaid Ltd. Learningaid’s home site is to be found at https://learningaid.org.uk?

Learningaid Ltd provides research, development and hosting for e-learning. It also provides a graphic and presentation development service producing company presentation material using PowerPoint, Adobe and other graphic, video and animation programs. This material can be static or interactive, it can be ‘stand-alone’ or integrated into a learning system such as moodle or WordPress.


Learningaid Ltd provides a managed hosting service but can also integrate developed material into a company’s own servers.?

The material produced by Learningaid can be viewed, used and interacted with on: PC’s, Mac’s, Smartphones and tablets.

Learningaid Ltd can provide training in managing e-learning systems, producing e-learning and presentation material both interactive or static.
Learningaid can also develop and manage e-learning systems provided for individual companies or organisations.?